In order to make these and these, a lot of work goes into it. I am giving you a sneak peak of my design phase. These are remakes but I always feel more like a fashion designer when I am surrounded by tiny dresses. It makes my heart sing. No judging on my work table. It has been through many dollhouse builds and is currently buried under lots and lots of ribbon. I really desire to be super organized. My brain just doesn't function that way.


Hi, that's me. My name is Candy. Yes, yes, I am another small-business owner that felt the need to name her company after herself, child or favorite dog. Actually, I didn't come up with my name at all! My witty husband came up with it. I just ran with it!
People have asked if I have always been this creative. First of all, I don't find myself that creative. I am just a hard worker that happens to love to craft. That's how this whole crazy business started. In 2009, my little muse, Erin, was born. So, instead of scrap booking (which I am seriously behind on now), I poured myself and my hot glue into learning how to make bows. I knew I could buy the Target ones (not downing Target, LOVE them, almost too much) but the bows were so, so PLAIN. While I choose to dress plainly (think mom fashion;-), my daughter would not be. She had a whole head of hair for me to play with from the day she was born! By the Summer, I had pitched my idea to my husband about trying to sell them. He finally gave in after I whined and whined and whined. No really, I knew I wanted to do something that was just for me. I think moms will understand that you can lose yourself in the early years of motherhood (hence the mom fashion).
On August 1, 2009, my 3rd baby was born: Candyland Bowtique! Through the years, I have done so many different products, met so many different mommies and pulled many all-nighters. It has been a wonderful experience for the most part. I think if anyone asked me advice on starting a business (which no one has, lol), I would say that you need to learn to be flexible. Goals you originally set for yourself may, and probably will, change. It's not just about selling your product, it is about selling your skills and actually believing in yourself. I need to work on that last part;-)
If you have not already, please join me on Facebook. If you are one of the Facebook hold-outs (you all know who you are), then follow me here or through my website. I promise to update that next.
What would you all like to see in this blog? I know there are SO many out there so I am open to ideas!